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'Building Education Through Play'

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Glow Group was founded by two dedicated and fully qualified teachers, our mission is to revolutionize education through the magic of play. Embark on an unforgettable journey with our innovative STEM programs designed to captivate young minds. From interactive afterschool clubs to engaging mid-term and summer clubs, we bring learning to life in a way that's exciting and educational. 


GlowGroup Workshops

LEGO workshops

Glow Groups LEGO camps involve participants undertaking a number of different challenges in the subject areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths. Students will challenge themselves in a number of areas by assembling buildings, bridges, vehicles, and other constructions. When a design challenge is complete, students will develop their skills by adding to their constructions and collaborating with one another.

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'The Online Coding course really piqued the boys' interest in discovering a new way to interact with computers. Christopher and Jordan were fantastic at delivering the class. Their humor, engagement with the kids, and the way they communicated with them made the whole thing enjoyable.'

- Marty
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